Many agencies design books and magazines, not many were publishers themselves.

Since 1997 Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini has spent many years publishing a monthly and an international magazine, hosting the editorial staff in-house and overseeing every publishing aspect, issue after issue.

Banda Label

LABEL (1997-2007)

Bellissimo was born from a rib of Label, university magazine turned bilingual style magazine sold worldwide. For ten years, a kaleidoscope of visual research and talents.

While the cover featured surreal images and Italian movie stars (Valeria Golino, Anita Caprioli, Stefania Rocca...) Label called in writers, photographers, and artists to a permanent observatory on the trends of tomorrow, enthralling readers with mono-themed issues, evocative and experimental. Talent-scouting at its purest, Lonely Planet defined it as “The Face and Wallpaper rolled into one”.

Publishing / The advantages of being editors

Our long experience in publishing provides a groundwork of technical skills, contacts, and knowledge that supports a large part of Bellissimo’s work.

Thanks to our consolidated experience we are able to intervene in any phase of a production, including content writing. Having an in-house editorial unit working on texts has always distinguished Bellissimo from other agencies.

Banda Italic

ITALIC (2011)

In 2011 Luca Ballarini launches ITALIC, monthly information magazine on cities, creativity, and work. Ten issues a year, a unique 32-page format, original articles, zero comments. To unabashedly expose the best of Italy.

Over a short period of time ITALIC was able to build a community of young adults, keen and lively readers: an inquisitive audience seeking the story, writing, and graphic quality newspapers fail to provide.

Publishing / What we can do “in house”

Concept and layout

Who do we talk to? What’s our idea?
What kind of product should we offer?
We create publishing project,
including in digital format.

Defining contents

From choosing themes to creating
mock-ups, we design the architecture of information in books, magazines, websites.

Selecting collaborators

Journalists, photographers, illustrators.
We coordinate them and manage deadlines.

Visuals, infographics, covers

We manage every aspect of the visual communication of a publishing product.

Writing and editing

Short articles, technical boxes and
captions, full books. And then editing
and proof reading.

Overseeing production

The type of paper, printing process, packaging. We are experts in production, and work with trusted suppliers.


All you should know
about Expo 2015

With our partner Secolo Urbano, Bellissimo published a small practical guide for those who don’t want to be caught ill-prepared for the great event.

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Torino Strategica

Relaunch the city,
disclose the future

Three months of lectures, a task force of young experts, visions, and proposals. Bellissimo curated the first two books for Torino Strategica. An open invitation to rethink of the future of the city.

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Bombay Sapphire

The Book of 49 Inspirational Objects

Umbrellas, toothpicks, tuning forks. Objects that dwell in our daily life and exude a special charm. Five years of reviews collected in a book, an exceptional history of design.

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My God

The look-book of a trip
to Hong Kong

The account of the launch of a Made in Italy brand in China. A task halfway between art director and tour operator, inspired from Label’s visual and narrative style.

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