We do branding.

We do what we do best.
We give personality and value to businesses, brands, institutions.
We’ve been doing it for 16 years, but every time is new.
We have our own method to do it.

Graphic design, visuals, books, stories.

We design logos, visual identities, and campaigns.
We write books and posts with the same care.
Half of our work today is web based.

Listen to me. Look at me.

In communication strategy such as brochures or interfaces,
our clients hire us to find the essential message and express it clearly, convincingly, beautifully.
The bravest among them call us their partner.

Bellissimo, I remember that.

Memorable is too much.
But we guarantee that our happenings, talks, release parties, bashes, charity auctions, designer competitions... in short our events are unforgettable experiences to many.

“If you’re not curious, forget it.”

From the first day our profession has been our passion — our task is to take in one aspect of it every day.
Our work connects us to today’s news, to the publishing industry, life in the city, business, music — wherever great projects arise.


Fabbriche Aperte

85 factory plants open to the public for a weekend. A great project for the Region of Piedmont.

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Urban Creative City-break

Discover our innovative format of urban tourism and professional networking.

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Branding and logo design. Our first project in the “beauty” sector for a top name in skin care.

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Lavazza A Modo Mio

Bellissimo worked on the restyling of the Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee pods line.

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Out Of Office

This is Out Of Office: an open space for your events, workshops and meetings.

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2016/17 Lombardy Campaign

Bellissimo designed the 2016/17 Lombardy Campaign for Abbonamento Musei.

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A region number 1. Event design and communication for the project #inLombard1a by Explora

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Absolut Caveau

The first architecture designed by Bellissimo: welcome to the Absolute Caveau.

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Mosaico Torino

The project for the public work of art generated by photos of Turin shared on Instagram.

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We are open, humble, superlative

Our office is a Bellissimo Blue Loft™, warm and quiet, where the sun tiptoes in at dawn and leaves
at dusk.

At Bellissimo we got life: we got talent, we design, write, take our time to observe things.
We work with love, practicing every day to learn
to see.

When not in the loft, we’re in Milan.
When not on high-speed trains, we’re abroad.


Creative study and editors.
Label, ITALIC and almost twenty years
spent making magazines.



True “hackers of contemporary culture”,
we outguess trends, discover talents.
We get down with creatives of international fame.



Architecture and a fascination for the city as
the inland and a creative engine. From TEDx
to a place branding experiment on Turin.



Understanding people, and thus the needs
of entrepreneurs
, companies, brands.
To startups we offer a customized toolkit.

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From its first edition, Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini
is a creative partner of Club to Club: music festival,
European must, travel companion.

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News, posts, writings.
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