Graphic Design

Direct, contemporary, distinctive.

Plus visionary, elegant, oneiric. As the case may be Bellissimo adapts its visual research to the client’s needs, providing its added value — whether it be
avant-garde, consumer goods, or B to B projects.
The interface project for web sites and apps has become a consistent part
of our work.

Abbonamento Musei

A contemporary symbol
of culture in Piedmont

Bellissimo designed the visual identity of the Museum Card for Turin and the Piedmont Region. A fresh and distinctive image to convey this unique subscription model.

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Codice - La scienza dal giocattolaio

Designing a book,
playing with images

Codice Edizioni relies on Bellissimo to provide images to its “Science at the toy store”. The result is a guide to a visual experience merging contrasts, surreal pictures and little tricks.

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Graphic Design / The favorite operations

Subtract and divide. These two operations, chosen in principle as rules of our approach to graphic design, continue to direct our work at Bellissimo.

Choosing, eliminating, reducing. Making clear and immediate that which is complex through graphic sign and images. That which remains at the end of the process is a powerful evocative symbol, one that lingers in your memory.

Four Roses

The link between whiskey and literature

An original pack, inspired on the incipit of
“The Great Gatsby”, to attract a super-young, trendy, restless audience. A new look to link a classic bourbon to millennial trends.

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A logo hunting for trends

Bellissimo designed the image of the trendspotting social network: an eccentric zebra-striped, umbrella holding elephant is at the same time the ideal pray and personalization of the perfect coolhunter.

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Graphic Design / Designing a website

It’s not running after the latest technology, nor making design complicated. To us it means understanding the best architecture and type of interaction to communicate our client’s vision and thinking structure.

We design user-friendly, content-rich websites and apps.
An information-driven approach combined with state-of-the-art web language.

Torino 2010 European Youth Capital

The symbol of youth

A Y inscribed in a circle: the copyright of being young. Bellissimo’s logo becomes a powerful and recognizable icon, the sign conveying
for one year the tie between Turin and
Europe’s youths.

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Club To Club

Avant-pop image
in constant evolution

For 14 years Bellissimo expresses his passion for clubbing by managing the visual identity of Italy’s major clubbing festival.

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Graphic design / Logos and messages

Creating a logo entails engaging in a plunging exploration of company symbolism and of the “brand landscapes” established in our mind.

We consider this blend of visual memories and ponder upon our clients’ requests. Everything contributes to balance out the first graphic ideas: the objectives and vision behind them, the way they are expressed, and even the personality of those who expressed them.

After this creative drift, we operate a selection of forms (“the strengthening of signals and the reduction of noise”), until we build a complete, coordinated image.

The purpose is pushing the boundaries of daily perception, challenge our immediate visual processes, pursue a new identity —pleasant and slightly different— while keeping to the task of effective communication.

“Our concern is always ‘the place of value in a world of facts’. But there is no role waiting for us, there is merely the chance of making one out of the sheer courage of our perceptions.”

— Norman Potter, “What is a designer”

Graphic Design / Learning to see

In graphic design, as any other field, learning is the only way to keep a productive attitude. Technologies change, project tools may vary, but research and passion remain.

Vision, just like language and speech, is a synthesis.
What we perceive is the product of what we see, processed through the visual experience acquired to date. This means that “we see what we are capable of seeing”. That our perception can improve and become richer in time.

In the age of imagology, to be able to improve our work, to create never-before-seen “images” are imperatives to go beyond trends, avoid getting stuck on one style, and always safeguard the reason behind a project. A process fueled through open dialogue — among ourselves and with our clients.