A carefully planned event hits the mark more than any campaign.

We have a distinctive approach to event design, and that begins with promotions. In our events everything —locations, contents, videos, music, performances— contribute to creating a positive feeling, an image that lingers
in our minds.

The C2C Experience by Absolut

An event from Milan
to Turin

For the opening of #C2C13, a trip in a limousine bus with a surprise cocktail stop on the A4 highway, street food and DJ set on board, installations and performances at OGR.
Two months of work in one single night.

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Bombay Sapphire

Gin&Tonic and the meeting of two artists

The new series of events created by Bellissimo and inspired on this cult drink. Every night sees an unexpected mix between two art forms,
a unique live performance of two talents.

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Events / Experience matters

Our added value is being able to translate the value of a brand into a complete experience, coherent with the brand’s positioning, to spark the public’s attention and engage it.

It means taking care of every detail: reception, pathways, timing and presentation, the staff’s words and look, social network sharing, the “evening’s menu”. With the exception of live performances, nothing is left to chance.

Inspirational Design Happenings

Lessons from Best Event Awards

To reinforce the Bombay Sapphire brand with the young creatives target, Bellissimo created an event format where talks by international architects and designers become memorable.

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Growing Up

Architects grow,
the city changes

Bellissimo celebrates the new generation of architects from Turin with an event that changes the daily perception of a unique location such as the Chamber of Commerce by Carlo Mollino.

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Events / From ideas to logistics

Creating concept
and format

We design single events or formats to be repeated in different moments and cities.

Why will they remember the event?
Selecting guests

We follow talents in Italy and abroad.
We call them and we talk.

Do you know a good calligraphist?
Selecting locations

Finding new locations, surprising the public is the essential ingredient.

What about a warehouse on the Turin-Milan highway for a surprise cocktail?

We create all the materials, supervise technicians and oversee setups.

We need a compliance certificate – and 15 kg of blue candy

Hostesses, security, bartenders, and divers. And calling the attention of the press.

To each their own brief.

Photos and videos of the event. And Twitter and Facebook visibility.

What’s the official hashtag?

Ballantine’s Finest Jazz Experience

Reinterpreting whiskey standards

To win over a younger target, Bellissimo turns its spotlights over a very authentic scene spiked with off-beat charm and creates a live experience inspired on 1930’s jazz clubs.

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Torino 2008 World Design Capital

Debut of an international title

2005: the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design appoints Turin as first World Design Capital. Luca Ballarini is the event’s ambassador to the world, illustrating the project to foreign media.

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Events / Contacts network

Thanks to our publishing experience and to the events for Bombay Sapphire we have built, in time, a rich network of contacts with journalists, entrepreneurs, creatives — and particularly with designers, architects, artists.

Our network includes people who follow our activity and invite to our events as either guests, participants, or just to spread the word. That’s why we are also great at PR. And if there’s content, we also take care of media relations.