Club to Club

Bellissimo is creative partner for one of the most important festival of electronic music and culture in Europe.

#C2C’s music has been for a long time the fourth dimension of our graphic design work. The visual identity of this “avant-pop” festival is where we freely express since the first edition in 2001.

The new logo


In 2010 Alfa Mito becomes Club To Club’s title partner: the choice imposes a redesign of the visual that accompanies the logo. In 2012 debuts the brand name “C2C”. Bellissimo suggests to write it with the hash, creating a new identity.

Club To Club 2014

The door of sound perceptions

The theme of the 2014 edition is still a mystery. An open door and a zoomorfic helmet introduce the campaign. What do they stand for? We will discover it.

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Club To Club 2013

Twins and simmetries

Suggestive pictures and a specular lettering for a twin image campaign. A tribute to the ten years of the Twins Issue by Label magazine, inexhaustible source of inspiration.

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Club To Club 2012

Always a step ahead

A totemic hopscotch towering in posters, videos, above the dance floors. This playground game with twelve boxes is the evocative and surreal presence that celebrates the twelfth edition of the festival.

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the bond with Xplosiva

Every year in November you can find us on the dance floor of Club To Club, the international music & arts festival organized by cultural association Xplosiva, for whom Bellissimo is creative partner since the beginnings.

Today #C2C’s live sets are a benchmark in Europe: top festival in Italian contemporary culture, whose brand has grown campaign after campaign.

Club To Club 2011

An identity that takes shape

During a set in 2010, James Holden writes on Twitter that Club to Club is “The Italian New Wave”. The claim by the English DJ becomes the theme of the 2011 edition and inspires its image

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Club To Club 2010

The X Superstition

Ten years is an important test. Club To Club keeps its fingers crossed and relies on tarot cards. Marked by an X, both number and unknown variable, the campaign is a big success.

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Club To Club 2009

Creating value

Paper money, flags, stamps. For Club To Club’s “State of Indepen/dance” Bellissimo designs the coordinated image of an entire nation and signs one of the most viral campaigns of the festival.

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how CTC’s logo evolved

Club to Club’s original logo, written in Helvetica Neue Extended Bold, appeared during the first six editions of the festival. In 2007, thanks to the fencer in the main visual of that edition, debuts the new version with the bottom cut.

Club To Club 2008

In dreams I dance with you

A dreamlike image focused on the human figure. The result is a composition with a great harmony inspired to the psychoanalysis: concentric circles of phobias, desires, objects of fascination, symbols.

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Club To Club 2007

Mystery girl

For the first time Bellissimo gives up the words and chooses the photographic language. The baffling figure of a lady fencer gives the festival a supernatural and sensual personality at the same time.

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Club To Club 2006

Club tapestry

Leonard (Cohen), Fred (Neil) and Grace (Slick): they are all travelling from club to club. Three surreal and Liberty-style visuals representing travels by land, air and sea.

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