Zubrowka Experience

in the woods with zubr

The legendary bison vodka invited us to visit its origins: the woods.

Building on its ten years' experience in event planning for the beverage industry (Absolut, Ballantine's, Bombay Sapphire, Red Bull), Bellissimo recently created a new event format for Zubrowka, the legendary bison vodka, which is fourth in the world — here the 2015 figures.

The event was launched on 11th May 2015 at the Salgari Campus, a spectacular spot halfway between an adventure park and a bucolic village in the hills of Turin. Here the video of the evening.

Zubrowka is an authentic vodka with a great natural aroma. It was born in Poland in the Białowieża Forest, a Unesco World Heritage Site, home of the European bison (Zubr in Polish).

From its favorite herb, the hierochloe odorata or bison grass, which is traditionally handpicked, Zubrowka has been distilling for over six hundred years its unique taste and its fragrance of almond and vanilla.

The Authentic Zubrowka Experience is the ideal occasion to get to know and live the spirit of Zubrowka.

Welcomed in an extraordinary place — among brooks, wooden huts, trees and Tibetan bridges — the public discovered the recipes of Polish taverns, a fire for grilling all together, and, above all, an exceptional bar with a grass counter and details up to Wes Anderson’s State of Zubrowka.

At the centre of the square stood Oscar Dominguez’ woven wood statue of Zubr.

During the festival, from the aperitif until late evening, the guests could order drinks from a dedicated cocktail list: from the classic Zu Tonic and Apple Zu (Zubrowka and unfiltered apple juice) to the more innovative Bitter Bison and Zu Cooler.

The team of Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini developed the concept design and followed the creative direction and production of the event.

In September, the Zubrowka Experience will return in other Italian cities. In the meantime, please like the Zubrowka Italy page.

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