Zubrowka Brochure 2018

full range

The new catalogue designed by Bellissimo describes the taste of Zubrowka through a visual and tactile experience put on paper.

The renowned Polish brand launched a new range of products, which have joined its classic distillate —the iconic vodka with a blade of bison grass— on the shelves.

The brand’s offer now includes three flavoured variants of Zubrowka, a range of white vodkas and one premium vodka in a black bottle.

Bellissimo tells the story of the brand in a dedicated brochure, showing —from cover to cover— a particular attention to detail and a refined graphic finishing.

The warm green colour of the front page and the thick grain of the precious paper immediately deliver the woodland imagery of the brand that recalls the Białowieża forest, home to the iconic bison.

An elegant hot stamping brings out the logo, creating a pleasant contrast between its smoothness and the rough and porous surface of the cover.

On the inside, the images are coated with a special UV varnish, for a three-dimensional effect that adds realism to the pictures.

In the past, Bellissimo already took part in the promotion of Zubrowka, with a booklet telling the story of the brand and with the organization of a special event in the woods of the Turin hills.

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