an ambitious challenge

The Zignone wool mill launches a fabric range with advanced technical properties.
A brave and incisive communication is needed.

Bellissimo has been following the Biella-based company since 2017 in its branding and communication activities — an experience told here. The study has accompanied the birth of the range with a dedicated image and a series of campaigns that tell about the products with a touch of irony.

Producing fabrics is a tradition that requires continuous renewal.

In order to best describe the wool mill's commitment to technical innovation, Zignone has chosen to introduce into the market a line that could bring together all the most functional products designed by the Research and Development department.

We are talking about fabrics with high wearability, aimed at fashion brands that want to offer elegance but also elasticity, ease of use and special qualities (stain-resistant, anti-crease clothing).

Bellissimo created ZignoneLAB, a brand that represents the avant-garde of the wool mill's production.

Starting from the choice of the name, the brand is based on the idea of a “laboratory“, a place of experimentation and passion for excellence: the articles are presented as patents, the typography is renewed with a more technical font. The new colours give liveliness to the coordinated image.

The concept of the laboratory, however, is best expressed through the language of photography, the most distinctive element of the proposal.

ZignoneLAB is not just like any other laboratory.

To tell the story of fabrics in the most engaging way, the typical imagery of scientific research receives an ironic interpretation, thanks to a series of mini photographic campaigns and videos intended for communication materials and social media.

Two young laboratory technicians, unlikely representatives of Zignone, put the fabrics of the WearEver line to the test: they stretch them to the extreme to show their flexibility; then they twist, wet and ball them up.

Bellissimo takes care of the shoots with maximum attention to accessories, including a collection of vintage objects recovered from an archive of historical tools and participating in the slightly surreal atmosphere of the scenes.

Episode after episode, the technicians’ experiments shift.

First in a cross-fit gym, where they show the maximum elasticity of the line with elastic properties (FreeMove). And finally in a laundry room, where the technical qualities of the machine-washable line (EasyWash) can be described.

In this way, the communication of ZignoneLAB manages to present the new products in an original but always immediate way.

The names of the different ZignoneLAB lines are also by Bellissimo.

As usual, the studio takes care of all the promotional materials:
from commercial supports to in-store materials and on clothes ones.

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