in the purest part of the forest

A revolutionary sound system and the greatest ambition: the ultimate audio experience. YAR’s founders asked Bellissimo to convey their uniqueness into a brand identity project.
Here is our presentation video.

Perhaps the ideal customer. A new product of technical excellence, sprung from the ideas of a passionate innovator; a brand identity to be developed almost from scratch, following the lead of a determined entrepreneur.

The website of Fortune dedicated a great article to YAR’s history and published an enthusiastic review about the extraordinary sound experience their system offers.

YAR is a creation of Giancarlo Sopegno, an expert in high-end systems for demanding audiophiles, and the businessman Adriano Marconetto — already co-founder of Vitaminic, Electro Power Systems and ProxToMe.

The name "yar" has Russian origins and indicates the deepest and unspoiled soul of the forest, conveying the company’s striving for the most natural and absolute sound purity.

YAR systems leverage next-generation technologies, developed in accordance with a functional and highly distinctive design. Their promise is to place the listener centre stage.

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini had the task of creating an image able to bring out at a global level the exclusive positioning of the product — available in just one hundred unique examples.

After the usual analysis and a talk with the founders, the studio identified the values ​​and personality of YAR, and opted for a bold branding process and an equally strong visual communication strategy.

The logo returns the name in a minimal alphabet. The letters represent the elements of the system (amplifier and two speakers) in a mirror symbol, which fits into the shapes of the product reinforcing its out-of-space image.

The name YAR is also a reference to the Russian base Kasputin Yar, the site of many alleged UFO sightings.

Such an ambitious project, aimed at the international market, offers a special challenge when outlining its visual identity: the creation of an incisive brand — recognisable, yet essential.

A brand identity with a strong personality and yet, as light as possible: just like the sound system, conceived to disappear and make way to the deepness and the singularity of the sound — unlike so many others which are just meant to be loud.

Visit YAR’s website here.

For the promotion events, Bellissimo also designed the system’s commercial brochure: an elegant foldable which tells YAR’s story step by step.

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