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The first social network dedicated to professional bartenders is now online — an intuition of Pernod Ricard. Bellissimo followed the launch of the community in Italy, between editing and magic potions.

The news reached the ears of the best Italian bartenders, with the proper confidentiality and a dash of mystery — the announcement was made in sign language (a hand showing the letter W) and using the image of a flask for skilled mixologist.

The invitation to join WisPR, the wine & spirits society, was reserved to those whose business is behind the bar. A network to share this passion with colleagues around the world, promote events and discuss the latest trends in cocktails and service.

The platform is active since 2015 and is open to all professionals, which are invited to publish recipes, advice and opinions, in the wake of the "Cocktail Renaissance" of these years.

The weekly interventions of four Italian specialists, selected by WisPR to share their deep knowledge, enliven the community.

Their articles, edited by Bellissimo, are accompanied by the illustrations of Felix Bauer, the designer from Berlin that Bellissimo chose for its eclectic style, ideal for an international audience.

Here, a selection of his works.

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