the future of entertainment

Bellissimo curated the brand identity of the first network of theme parks dedicated to virtual reality.

WeArena wishes to inaugurate a new dimension of entertainment, in the extraordinary meeting point between universes. Virtual reality, action, show, game, education, music:   the special effect of this union outweighs by far their simple addition.

Bellissimo had the task of expressing the richness of this vast offer for a wide readership, a project that is animated by a strong sense of sharing — a reality that is intensified through shared fun.

Our consultancy started by following Bellissimo’s consolidated branding method. The interviews with the company founders guided the branding path — from identifying the brand values to defining the horizon and the brand promise.

An evocative imagery has emerged. It aims to the ambitious union between fantasy and science, game and education, virtual and concrete, actions made in person and moments of collective emotion.

The visual identity was developed starting from this renewed awareness. One singular module multiplies itself and is superimposed to create the logo and the inventory of communication instruments. This approach recalls the rational architectures of digital systems, but it also reminds us of the building blocks the youngest play with.

The graphical structure is enlivened by a palette of vivid colours. The fluorescent colours remind us of optic fibres and technology’s general visual language, whilst also emerging us into a world of wonder.

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