from visit to vision

Dmo Piemonte changes its name. Bellissimo enhances the brand with the design of the new logo.

VisitPiemonte is the new name of Dmo Piemonte, a company within the Piedmont Region and owned by Unioncamere, that aims to promote the wealth of tourism and agri-business in the area.

Together with the recent Effetto Piemonte project, the operation on the VisitPiemonte brand confirms our studio’s commitment to reinforcing the region’s position, both in Italy and abroad.

The graphics team approached the work imagining to be tourists exploring Piedmont, looking for new attractions and fascination.

This imaginary immersion in the context of regional tourism was rewarded with a real discovery: the word “vision”, contained in the various letters of the name, which becomes the new promise for those who visit the region.

This concept is ideal to describe a territory that attracts and involves us thanks to its ability to offer visions, views, looks and exceptional moments.

The shape that encloses the logo takes the form of a signal, one of the typical symbols of the imagination of tourists.

It’s a dynamic shape, which lends itself to the graphic variation on the diverse digital and paper communication materials.

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