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The passion that Bellissimo and Luca Ballarini share for cities gives rise to a unique urban tourism proposal: 10 meetings with prominent local figures, limited to 20 participants.

After the success of the first edition in London (video), the sold out of Amsterdam + Rotterdam (video), the third trip to creative Berlin (video), and again sold out both in Copenhagen + Malmö (video) and in Lisbon ( video), here are the next steps:

6° Urban Creative City-break
28 – 30 giugno 2018
If you are interested click here

7° Urban Creative City-break
4 – 7 ottobre 2018
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8° Urban Creative City-break
Primavera 2019
If you are interested write to luca@bellissimo.it

9° Urban Creative City-break
Estate 2019
If you are interested write to luca@bellissimo.it

Find out all the details on urbancreativecitybreak.com

Our format

Building on our deep interest for cities, we have broadened our services and developed an unconventional format of city tours, organised in conjunction with the tour operator Raggiungere.

The plan: four days in a foreign city. Ten meetings with highly experienced professionals leading creative drive and urban change (entrepreneurs, policy makers, designers, architects, chefs, etc.). Twenty places available.

The proposal is aimed at those who share a passion for city life, and responds to the widespread desire for a different tourism: a journey for living the urban scene, finding out innovations and transformations, meeting local professionals which lead creative drive and urban change.

November 16th-19th (2016) — London

Our first city-break to London was a success.

A well-blended group lived London in an unique way - and it’s not just words. 
How else to meet visionaries such as composer Matthew Herbert or leading players in the creative industry such as Monocle Magazine’s Founding Editor?

Our short video recounts all the trip’s encounters.

March 30th-April 2nd (2017) —Amsterdam+Rotterdam

Second sold out, second unique experience.

The group had the chance to meet some of the most influent personalities of the creative sector. From Erik Kessels, co-founder of the studio KesselsKramer to the designers of MVRDV.

Four days of urban discovery —lived along islands and canals in the most fast-moving areas— and networking with professionals involved in art, design, entrepreneurship: meetings of high profile with realities such as The Student Hotel and WeTransfer.

July 14th-17th (2017) — Amsterdam+Rotterdam

The third journey explored the variety and the cultural ferment of Berlin.

Four days to discovery the city and its big changes through the voices of experts who daily find the energy to take their profession —creative, editorial, entrepreneurial— from Neukölln and Mitte to the world.

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