Un posto a Milano

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From the brand values to the graphic design of the restaurant’s interiors. The restyling of Un posto a Milano is a project that goes deeper.

Bellissimo redesigned the image of one of the best-known meeting places in town.

Un posto a Milano is Cascina Cuccagna’s “kitchen, bar and guesthouse” 

Recovered after decades of neglect, the farmhouse has become a meeting and cultural place. It hosts various associations, a vegetable garden, many events and activities, in addition to spaces where to eat, drink and sleep.

Bellissimo worked on this project thanks to the collaboration with esterni, a placemaking cultural enterprise — first active in redeveloping the farmhouse as part of a consortium, and then responsible for the catering and hospitality activities.

After the rebranding of esterni, Bellissimo worked on Un posto a Milano.

Firstly, our studio defined seven values for the location, to be considered a brand in all respects. The interviews that started branding process involved the management, people involved in the communication and also the chef himself and the room managers.

At a later stage, Bellissimo restyled the logo based on a grid of squares with a contemporary feel and designed the new visual identity. 

The “cut out” corner of the logo modules became the recurring element on communication materials and the whole set-up: menus, signs and panels on the walls that tell the place’s philosophy based on the idea of the “True Kilometer”.

It is not by chance that the colour palette came directly from the farm’s vegetable garden: the colours of cultivated products are reflected in the soft and refined shades.

Finally, the last step of the project has been the graphic review of the website and the identity on social media.

To work for a restaurant requires an extreme level of detail and dealing with all the “points of contact“ with the public, from the signs at the entrance to sugar bags.

Bellissimo’s task was to infuse the brand’s friendly personality into every graphic, expressing the location’s sincere and scrupulous tone of voice when telling the care for the environment and the search for ingredients.

At the same time, the studio was called to organise a rich, highly articulated offer, that had to be conveyed more directly.

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