Turin Experience

more than locals

Bellissimo as a urban event designer: one day to make the best of the city. Lucky the group of Dutch visiting — and not only for the weather

Driving a Fiat 500 was the only real request of 365 Dagen Successvol, an Amsterdam-based training company winner of a trip to Turin, with its entire staff of ten people.

For everything else, the group entirely relied on Bellissimo’s knowledge and unique relationship with the city. Finally, one of our dreams —that of providing again special guided tours— came true.

The group was divided into couples, each with two GoPro cameras. First of all, a "food mission", looking for local specialties. After lunch, an "uplifting mission", across five different lookouts of the city.

To accompany our guests during the afternoon, five Turin personalities worth meeting: the architect Andrea Veglia and the writers Giuseppe Culicchia, Marco Magnone, Gianluigi Ricuperati and Fabrizio Vespa.

In addition to the classic postcard views from Superga, the Mole Antonelliana and the Turin Eye (the hot-air balloon of Borgo Dora), two usually inaccessible perspectives: the apartment of the architect Benedetto Camerana in the Littoria Tower and the 31st floor of Renzo Piano’s “High White”, home to the Innovation Centre of IntesaSanpaolo.

A quick but interesting visit of the city, made possible by our long experience in organising events and city tours.

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