Torinostratosferica Utopian Hours

three days of city imaging

As creative partner of Torinostratosferica, Bellissimo helped realise the first edition of Torinostratosferica Utopian Hours — a mini-festival dedicated to imagining a city.

Here’s a video recount of the event.

Torinostratosferica is a city imaging experiment, born from an idea by Luca Ballarini, that collects visions and projects for Torino at its best.

Today the nonprofit cultural association Torinostratosferica has organised, from the 13th to the 15th of October 2017, the first edition of an event on the future of cities, with talks, original exhibitions and guests from all over the world.

The studio has participated in the “Utopian Hours” by assisting the organisation of the many creative aspects of the packed program of the event, held entirely in the Bellissimo Blue Loft.

How do our cities change? How do we want them to be in the future?

Over the course of three days the festival has showed experiences and visions from Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris: the thoughts of experts, city-makers, designers, activists and authors - from managers of large areas in transformation, to the founders of the Night Mayor Foundation, to the journalists of Monocle Magazine.

They talked about places and architectures, activities and services for citizens, culture, rivers and environment, the general perception of a city, lifestyles. All interesting starting points to reflect on Turin’s prospects as well.

You can find the complete calendar on the festival website.

Many responsibilities were given to Bellissimo, starting from the visual identity of the event - in which the free, visionary and incisive spirit of the event was fully expressed.

Bright colors and diagonally arranged text created the visual universe that accompanied in a distinctive way the whole festival.

Furthermore, the studio supported the setup of 5 exhibitions in the studio, completely emptied for the occasion.

While the “Images of Utopia” was a panoramic of cities imagined through time, “Future Urban Trends” selected in 10 panels the urban trends that are transforming cities.

“Night time is the right time” was the first presentation in Italy of the exhibition created by London’s Built Environment Trust, that explores through innovative projects the potential of a “24-hour city”.

Outside, “Visions from Torinostratosferica”, placed on a temporary scaffold, showed 8 ideas of Torinostratosferica translated in images from 8 architecture studios based in Turin.

Finally, “Rebranding Torinostratosferica” proposed an experiment in city branding, with the restyling of the Torinostratosferica logo commissioned by the organisation to 7 prestigious Italian graphic design studios.

To project these exhibitions, Bellissimo involved a group of students from Turin’s Polytechnic, IED and IAAD through a dedicated workshop.

Bellissimo also realised the publication that collects all the contents of Torinostratosferica, a book-magazine that covers all the phases of the project and gathers all the visions - be they concrete proposals, provocative ideas, claims or boutades — that emerged in the collective meetings from 2014 onwards.

The book, which is distributed for free (but donations are greatly appreciated), prints on paper the construction of an imaginary city: the genesis of the initiative, the values found for this Turin of desires, the themes and intuitions of the participants of the city-imaging sessions, all the way to the anticipation of the meetings of Torinostratosferica Utopian Hours.

The book also contains the contribution of three Visiting Urban Explorer, a role inspired by artist’s residencies, and conceived for the festival.

The authors, famous for their work on cities (Darran Anderson, Lauren Elkin, Ricarda Messner), got to discover Turin freely, and share their ideas on the city and how to make it more attractive. You can find the interviews on the dedicated YouTube channel.

Torinostratosferica is a project supported by Compagnia di San Paolo through ORA! Linguaggi contemporanei_produzioni innovative.

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