Torino Stratosferica

=Turin at its best

At the beginning of 2014 Bellissimo has involved more than forty creatives and entrepreneurs in a workshop on the future of the city. The goal: imagining the city we would like — a Turin "at its best/at its most beautiful".

Torino Stratosferica (naming and logo by Luca Ballarini) was born as a free brainstorming session, without bias and feasibility calculations, to define the role of Turin in the coming years.

Objective: “volare alto e spararle grosse” (flying high and telling tall tales), without limits and feasibility restraints, to build a vision of the city starting from what we would like: Turin “at its best/at its most beautiful”.

With seven hours of audio transcription, the editing process went deep and re-emerged with the best insights and a positioning based on seven values: the group’s ideas are now in a website for claims, posters, quips and concrete proposals designed and developed by Bellissimo — and available to be shared.

Hashtag: #torinostratosferica

A step back. Torino Stratosferica originated in November 2013 as a playful version of the logo proposed a year before by Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini for Torino Strategica, the association managing the development of the city's third strategic plan.

The attractiveness of the name and the logo gave rise to the desire to create a brand and establish its personality, values, and positioning.

On 15 February and 8 March of 2014, Luca Ballarini invited 40 friends and representatives from the far reaches of Turin’s creative industry, to take part in two experimental brainstorming sessions on the theme Imaging the City.

Halfway between a planning roundtable (with SWOT analyses, map and post-its) and a reflection on the positioning of an ideal city, the meetings called on the participants to present their visions of Turin in the coming years: strengths, desired changes, ideas to focus on, and positioning to be adopted.

Everything that was said in the two sessions was recorded. The material was then transcribed, selected and edited to identify the project and material now published on

On the website, you will find the origins of the project, the people involved and the story of the entire process, as well as an invitation to take part with your ideas.

Although it started as a joke, a variation on the theme, Torino Stratosferica now reflects the specific commitment we feel we can make as designers and editors: contributing to the future of the city as creative professionals.

Following the publication of the website, the project will continue over the coming months with new meetings and initiatives.

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