The city of opportunities

turin in 2025

The association Torino Strategica (former Torino Internazionale) has engaged Bellissimo in the process that will lead to the third strategic plan for the city.

Our studio has been assigned the editing and graphics design project for two books and a video on the local community consultation work carried out from June 2012 to March 2013.

The two publications are Torino Strategica’s first public initiatives, through which the association has relaunched its communications with its members, stakeholders and the public.

The next phase consists of the development plan, Torino Metropoli 2025. The work will follow two strategic directions, the economy and the local community, accompanied by three visions for the city: food capital, university city, and international city — already partly discussed in the two books produced.

The first publication is “Torino. La città delle opportunità” (Turin. The city of opportunities). The book tells the story of the approach adopted and the proposals made by a group of experts created by the association, consisting of a task force of young professionals and researchers, asked about Turin in 2032 and the future scenarios for the city.

The cover of the book presents the task force's results as follows:

“A vibrant city, open to change. A place of innovation, where you can realise your business, work and life projects. The city of opportunities is the scenario for the metropolitan area imagined by the task force, the group of young experts called upon by Torino Strategica during its local community consultation. This book presents the vision and proposals of the task force, resulting from a collective process: obstacles to be removed, development factors, and possible directions. An open invitation to start thinking again about the future of the city”.

In addition to the editing and graphics design project, Bellissimo managed the content of the book as the editor: first by working together with the task force in organising the themes emerging from the discussion, and then editing and copywriting the text in close liaison with the association and its director Anna Prat.

A process of consultation and rewriting, which was based on the attendance at the meetings, and was also possible thanks to the experience gained by the firm on the theme of the city, including through the publishing work for the monthly magazine ITALIC.

“We owe Bellissimo our thanks”, wrote Anna Prat and Valentino Castellani (Vice Chair of Torino Strategica) in the introduction to the book, “for the difficult task of transforming a complex experience and the material produced during the meetings into a captivating publication”.

Organised by theme and designed to make the various proposals easy to read, the book also includes a series of cartoon strips and drawings produced by the artist Claudio Cassano.

The result is an entertaining publication, with a strong visual impact, that talks directly to those who want to start discussing Turin’s future again.

Together with “Torino. La città delle opportunità”, the creative design firm produced a “mirror” publication, which gathers the observations of local actors (institutions, municipal authorities, and businesses) collected during those months by Torino Strategica: “Torino. Fare sistema per resistere alla crisi” (Turin. A system approach for overcoming the crisis).

Bellissimo presented both books during “La città di domani”, two joint evenings in Turin and Milan in May 2013, organised by Secolo Urbano to look at the future of the two cities.

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