making gelato

A new ice cream brand launches to the public, eager to strongly innovate the industry.
Bellissimo worked on its packaging.

TooA, pronounced “two-ah,” aims to renew a product symbolizing Italian tradition: gelato. The brand's challenge is to bring an ice cream maker into people's daily lives for the first time — there where the machines of the past have failed.

Now, the TooA technology offers to serve ice cream in three minutes, starting with preparations made in Italy from traditional ingredients. The liquid is cooled and whipped, with the with the promised effect of ice-cream parlour quality.

The model takes after at-home espresso machines and is based on online sales. The various flavors are offered in cartons inside paper packages that do not require refrigeration — yet another novelty.

The studio took care of the graphics of the primary and secondary packs.

Bellissimo's project interfaces a role that is, in its own way, fundamental for communication. The TooA brand has already developed the logo and identity, but the packaging is the first point of contact between the brand and the public.

On the six sides of a 9 x 7.5 x 3.5 cm box, the studio is called to present a product that is new in terms of typology and to express TooA's general positioning and values — as well as, of course, to indicate all the information required by law.

The work focuses on several key elements. The final graphic design balances the need for clarity associated with an original product and the desire for an elegant, mouthwatering image in line with the quality proposed.

On the front, the large logo is combined with a teaspoon with a taste of ice cream, thus enhancing both key elements in a unique composition with a touch of non-trivial dynamism.

The proposed system is at its best when considering the line in its entirety, through a scheme that brings order and clarity to aspects of the story.

The most classic flavors are presented in a black pack: another innovative choice, if not breaking with the industry standards. Instead, the milk-free recipes and fruit flavors present tone-on-tone combinations.

A vertical band wraps around the box, identifying the product and the spaces dedicated to the individual flavor. An “information scanning” solution which, once the various packs are stacked on the shelf, proves ideal for the display.

Bellissimo's design includes the written content that tells the story of the new brand and the different recipes: the flavors and textures, the selected raw materials, the most inventive choices and combinations (see Rice and Saffron, Cocoa Fruit), the environmental benefits...

At such a crucial time as preparing to enter the market, the studio's support to TooA extends to executive support and relations with the companies in charge of printing — an especially complex work for its technical challenges.

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