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placemaking in turin

The Dutch company chose Bellissimo to be accompanied in its Urban Campus project in Turin. It all began with a dialogue to imagine the future of the area with local stakeholders.

Our studio —active for over 10 years in accompanying and narrating urban transformation processes— has started a collaboration with The Student Hotel.

The Dutch company, which offers mixed accommodation solution for students, nomadic professionals and tourists, by incorporating various features within its structures, intends to invest 65 million euros in Turin to create a “urban campus” that will include over 500 rooms, some university classrooms, a co-working and large areas for common use.

TSH chose Bellissimo (as a consultant and as a location) to inaugurate of the works in the city.

The presentation (on February 19, 2020) opened with a speech by The Student Hotel’s founder and CEO, Charlie Mac Gregor. It was then the turn of Laura Milani (president of IAAD, who is one of the project partners), Giuseppe Lavazza (vice-president of the Lavazza group, as well as neighbour of the future campus) and Michele Denegri, an entrepreneur active on various projects including Combo, the new hostel in Porta Palazzo. The mayor Chiara Appendino ended the debate.

Bellissimo also had the responsibility to organise a moment of confrontation between the various city stakeholders, especially those active in the area around Ponte Mosca.

50 representatives of cultural associations, universities, foundations, entrepreneurs and creatives took part at the Creative City Making Workshop (this is the title of the format conceived by Bellissimo and TSH): an entire ecosystem of citizens, businesses and culture, which brought its own vision of the city and expectations for a central place, an urban void for more than twenty years but with significant opportunities.

The Workshop explored four themes: the Urban and Social Fabric, the concept of Urban Campus, Urban Ecology, Leisure & Entertainment.

Stimulated by three starting questions for each table, the discussion offered numerous interesting ideas. Slow mobility, redevelopment of the banks of the Dora, spaces tailored to residents and in favor of multiculturalism are just some of the ideas that emerged during an intense moment of participated thought.

The laboratory was hosted by Bellissimo together with the TSH team and the Tectoo architects, in charge of the Turin project, which also includes an auditorium, a urban park and a rooftop bar with swimming pool and views of the Alps. A project that undoubtedly represents the occasion to seize the opportunities of a changing city.

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