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Choosing the right design for a packaging is strategic for those who offer their products on shelf. Tartuflanghe asked Bellissimo to renew the name and the image of its flagship line: the typical Piedmont sweet truffles.

After establishing itself on the truffle market, in 2005 the company of Alba Tartuflanghe launched a line of chocolate and Piedmont PGI hazelnut praline that reached even the high-level confectionery market.
Bellissimo restyled the sweet truffles’ image.

For the company, the most important feature of the product stands in it being local, and, therefore, this characteristic was chosen to be the protagonist of the renewed identity. First of all, its naming: Bellissimo decided for Trifulòt — "little truffles" in Piedmontese — to emphasise the importance of local production.

The image of the line of truffles was reviewed with a contemporary taste. Bellissimo, on the new package with vertical lines, in 20 different colours to distinguish the various recipes, introduced the hazelnut leaf as a symbol of excellence.

Bellissimo addressed with particular attention the whole technical aspect of production, following the complex preparation and the printing of the packaging.

Below, also the short commercial catalogue developed by Bellissimo to bring the renovated line on the market.

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