the summer style

Bellissimo gives new life to the historic F.lli Gagliardi company: the iconic Sweasy swimsuit is born.

The team has been involved in all the activities needed to launch a new brand: branding, art direction and graphic design, naming, copywriting, packaging, social and digital communication.

F.lli Gagliardi was founded in 1885 in Oleggio, in North-West Italy, and then shaped through a stream of intuitions: from a weaving company to a corsetry factory and, in the 1950s, to the industrial production of swimwear, until then a tailor-made product.

Forced to shut down in 2014 under competitive pressure, four years later the Piedmontese company decides to accept a new challenge and create a new brand to continue the family tradition.

Bellissimo has studied the history and desires of the company, analysed the market and the competitive scenario and identified the target and the tone of voice, thus building the identity of the new brand in terms of brand personality, graphic design and market positioning.

The new brand has been given the name Sweasy, union of swim and easy, which could infuse the feeling of a relaxed and contemporary lifestyle.

Thanks to its creative and elegant patterns and vivid summer colours, Sweasy is a refinedly exotic brand. The logo fully reflects this vocation: the footsteps of the Sula, heir to the Albatros, seem to be imprinted on the wet sand before it takes flight over the Mediterranean.

Graphic design and photography reflect the values of exclusivity, relaxation, quality and creativity. For an independent and cheerful man, a lover of the sea and of good company and willing to pay for quality.

Finally, the social and digital communication campaign is based on the slogan Take it Sweasy! Bellissimo made four videos overseeing concept, casting and artistic direction: the aim is to convey the feeling that life should always be like the first day of holiday, to be lived together on the deck of a boat.

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