Superlab Bicocca

smart, green, social

Describing the uniqueness of an office space in the Milan scene. Bellissimo takes care of the image of Superlab, an innovative building in the Bicocca area.

Superlab calls itself a “horizontal skyscraper”. The project converts a former Breda factory, a three-storeys building about 100 metres long, into a contemporary office space with unique features.

The iron supporting structure, a rare feature in Italian construction, and the glass and rubber facade designed by Balance Architettura create wide, bright open spaces. The roof is a furnished green terrace overlooking the booming streets of the former industrial district.

Long involved in urban themes and in the most innovative real estate, Bellissimo took care of the visual identity and the first means of communication for the property, with the goal of conveying the many unique elements of the site.

The studio began the creation of the visual identity with an early logotype designed by the client, who was intrigued by the light effects on the corrugated cladding of the side facade.

Starting with the web design of the one-page website presenting the building, the chromatic gradient of the logo, which echoed the colour sequence of Superlab's three levels, became a distinctive motif of the communication.

As well as the visual communication, Bellissimo also conceived and edited the contents.

Everything in the communication aims to reflect the venue’s personality, a professional environment with a modern character and a social disposition. Superlab aspires to stand out in a hyper-competitive sector for its originality and its direct tone of voice.

To complete the project and provide the brand with a tool for further distinction, a specialized typeface was created.

The bespoke typeface, inspired by the clients’ wish to develop customised devices, will be a valuable resource for brand identification - on the web, in promotional tools, and in the building's spaces alike.

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