Studio Musso

balancing solidity and future

A professional firm needs a new visual identity. They need to communicate competence, authority and openness to the future. 

Among the 2019 logo design projects, Bellissimo renewed the visual identity of Studio Musso, a labour consulting company based in Turin.
The society helps small and medium-sized enterprises manage their payroll, advising them through a complex and hyper-specialistic world.

For that visual identity project, Bellissimo has dealt with a new field for the study, that often deals with enterprises during years.

The main challenge has become to communicate many intangibles values —clearly emerged during the interviews with their management— without the usage of common symbols or industry stereotypes.

The graphic project aims to reflect the authority and the strong attention to ethics of Studio Musso, but also their expertise on contemporary work and its evolutions.

The first objective is reached by the font lettering, chosen to tesitfy the reliable profile of the company. The logo is based on a sign that joins the S and M, similar to an open book, and immediatly becomes a quality seal.

The color palette, elegant and distinctive, conveys the necessary ideas of modernity and openness to the future.

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