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Bellissimo cooperated with six Piedmont companies in project on smart energy management involving interface design and communication for schools.

SORRISO is one of the winners of the tender for the Internet of Data project of the Piedmont Region, supported by EC funds.

Since January 2015, the consortium formed by seven innovative companies from the region has been developing a new-generation system for the optimal use of renewable energy in homes and public buildings.

During the ten months of the programme, Bellissimo combined research, and development, exploring the subject and the available technologies.

The studio also designed the interface of the new home automation environment, the point of contact between devices and people, from which to control production/consumption data and the various parts of the system (solar panels, appliances, smart sockets, electrical energy storage).

The interface is developed for responsiveness and supports large screens, PCs, and smartphones, allowing for the maximum accessibility from all platforms.

At the same time, the project also developed a social soul.

The consortium involved groups of actual users inviting them to take part “living labs”, workshops held in various houses and two local schools: the middle school Aldo Moro (, in the Turin area) and the technical institute Vallauri (Fossano, in the Cuneo area).

Bellissimo contributed to the activities by developing the dissemination and involvement strategy.

In , with the help of the mediators of Torino Nord Ovest, the recreational/educational workshop led to the development of a theme game on renewable energy, for which Bellissimo the big wallboard.

The wallboard showed the actual environments of the school and revealed how to operate SORRISO. A full version of the game kit was delivered to the school during the project’s closing event, in order to allow new classes to play in the future.

The following are the posters used to present the project to the classes and other introductory material. The full story and the pictures of the activities can be found here.

The living lab at the Vallauri Institute, a of excellence for technical education in Piedmont, focused on a graphic design workshop with IT students held by Bellissimo.

Under our guide, the class was asked to imagine all of the possible layouts and the visual solutions for the same number of interfaces.

Bellissimo was also in charge of presenting SORRISO to the public, thus communicating and clarifying the vision and the technical contents of the project with strength.

After designing the logo, a simple and lively symbol, the studio developed the blog showing the progress of the project.

Bellissimo also contributed to the concluding events of the programme, during which the partners presented the results achieved.

The consortium of SORRISO includes 4USolution, Bellissimo, i-EM, ISET Telecom, the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella research centre (which we had already worked with in the past), Ivrea Sistemi and Torino Nord Ovest.

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