Secolo Urbano

city time

Here comes Secolo Urbano, a consulting group on cities and communication strategy.

Bellissimo, together with Giacomo Biraghi and Alvise De Sanctis, begins a new venture: a group of consultants, editors and designers with the goal of spreading the strategic consultancy on the communication of cities and metropolitan areas.

The launch of Secolo Urbano is only the latest step in a journey of passion and interest for the city born at the time of Label, continued with the innovative monthly newspaper ITALIC, the most recent activity for Torino Strategica and finally La città di domani events.

In June 2014 Secolo Urbano presented the instant book #Expottimisti, the guide-book to Expo 2015 published together with Bellissimo.

Bellissimo also curate the visual identity of the new consultancy. This is the site of Secolo Urbano.

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