the porto of the don

Bellissimo created the pack for Sandeman, turning the Don, the mysterious man in the cloak, in the symbol of a good Porto wine.

The agency designed the packaging and a digital campaign with the aim to provide the right context to the product, since there isn’t a culture of Porto in Italy.

Bellissimo designed the 2010 and 2011 packs of Pernod Ricard’s liqueur wine, presenting the product with a warm image that, already from the shelf, invites to its after-dinner consumption.

Porto is not part of the Italian culinary culture and, for this reason, the goal was to contextualise the product: each side of the pack was thus completed with textboxes enclosing the product’s history and cooking suggestions.

The stylized decorations recall the typical images of Portugal and its azulejos, traditional ceramic ornaments.
For Sandeman, Bellissimo also wrote the editorials and realised the digital campaign.

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