San Donato Milanese

the reward for pedaling

Transforming a technical report into an engaging informative document is the role of Bellissimo at ”SDM”. We go back to talking about mobility.

Together with Decisio, a consultancy based between the Netherlands and Italy, Bellissimo created the public document that presents the Biciplan and the results of the cost / benefit evaluation commissioned by the municipality of San Donato Milanese.

The history of San Donato Milanese, a municipality in Milan’s first ring belt, is closely linked to the establishment of the ENI business center wanted by the founder Enrico Mattei in the years of the Italian boom.

The presence of many jobs in the area is a source of pride for the city, but every morning brings several problems: traffic (that means smog), car crashes, waste of time.

The rate of travel on the territory per resident exceeds twice the national average. On a weekday, there are 18,000 cars entering the area: it is as if all Melegnano, the nearby city, arrives by car every day — Bellissimo comes into play to tell this.

To improve its mobility, in 2019 San Donato Milanese started designing a cycling plan. With the work on the Biciplan, a cost / benefit analysis was also born, a technical document developed by Decisio, which quantifies the economic and general benefits of travelling more on foot or by bicycle.

Bellissimo has edited a document that presents the main data of the
evaluation and promotes the vision of a city that “moves” better.

“Chi ha testa mette gambe” (a variation on an Italian idiomatic expression) addresses the realities involved in the transition, transforming specialist relationships into a synthetic, simple but rigorous report, which clarifies the many different advantages of active mobility.

Personal health, avoided extra costs, public space. The benefits of mobility “by moving” concern many individual and common dimensions: the document presents each of these reasons in an original language.

The copywriting and graphic design project, with the technical support of Decisio, first focuses on highlighting problems and opportunities. Among these are the many short-distance journeys, perfect for walking or cycling.

In the second half, the document sets the horizon for the next 10 years, the “15 + 15 for the 30“, and presents the tools identified by the Biciplan.

In all pages, the goal is to intrigue, reflect on seemingly unattractive themes with unusual ideas. “Zones 30”, for example: if 30 km / h seems a slow pace, how many know that the average car speed is already below?

Infographics and numbers receive an important space. The data speak clearer than any other information, on the other hand: investing in active mobility would bring a benefit of almost 16 million euros to San Donato from now to 2030 compared to not doing so.

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