Salone Off 2015

grand tourino

Bellissimo continues its collaboration with the Salone del Libro of Turin to define the image of its side festival, which runs across the city and in thirteen municipalities around the metropolitan area.

Salone Off carries on growing, both in the numbers of events and places as well as in notoriety. For the third year in a row, Bellissimo gave a recognizable, simple and contemporary visual identity to this festival, an event strongly linked to the Salone held in the Lingotto building, but with a special urban character.


The 2015 image recalls the theme of physical and intellectual travel, with a stylised figure of a hot-air balloon — the most adventurous and literary means of transport par excellence.

The balloon accompanied the audience in its “Grand Tourino”: this was the general claim of this edition, named by Bellissimo after the Grand Tour of Italy of Goethe, the protagonist of the main Salone’s campaign, dedicated to the Wonders of Italy and to Germany, its guest country.


The project for Salone Off 2015 included the booklet with the program and the communication tools (invitations, maps, billboards), as well as the dozens of free poems distributed around the event’s premises (on postcards and posters) for the parallel “Carmina Off” initiative.


Here are the pictures from the Salone Off 2013 and the Salone Off 2014 events.

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