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Bellissimo will follow the series of Italian events dedicated to Sailor Jerry. Six evenings in six cities, to discover the eclectic personality of this rum and the tattoo artist who inspired it.

First event: 15th March, 7 PM. Amen Bar, Turin
Second event: 12th April, 7 PM. Lanificio25, Naples
Third event: 25th May, Rome

n 2018, Bellissimo entered into a new partnership in the beverage industry.

Norman Collins, aka “Sailor Jerry”, was one of the greatest innovators in the art of tattoos and his fame inspired the unique rum brand that bears his name.

During the year, Bellissimo will stage the Sailor Jerry’s Parlour tour, a series of promotional events dedicated to the spiced spirit distributed in Italy by Velier.

harp and exuberant, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins was a major representative of the American counterculture that emerged between the two wars.

His youth as a tattoo artist on freight trains and the period in the Navy brought him to Honolulu, Hawaii, where he opened an old school tattoo parlour. The tattoo shop soon became a top destination for every sailor on leave on the island.

His uncompromising life is still a source of inspiration for many of his fans, and the rum that was given his nickname wants to pay homage to his story.

During the evenings, the Sailor Jerry’s Parlour format will aim at recreating in every detail the authentic spirit of the original Sailor Jerry.

Bellissimo will organise the six Italian events (first three in Turin, Naples and Rome), taking charge of the concept, art direction and production of each evening.

The rollout event will be held on 15th March in Turin. For this occasion, Bellissimo chose Amen Bar, a location in the post-industrial complex of Docks Dora, the former city warehouses, which has been the main reference point for underground culture since the 90ties.

Entering Sailor Jerry’s Parlour will be like stepping into the legendary shop of the tattoo artist: an immersive experience, to be lived with the same spontaneity and spirit of adventure of a sailor on leave.

The professionals of Bullfrog, a Milan shoeshine boutique, will welcome the public attending to anyone who wants to have their shoes polished.

In the bar, decorated with Norman Collins’ original drawings, the documentary “Hori Smoku” will be projected on the notes of Nick's Airline live music, to create an authentic 1950s America atmosphere.

The evening’s special menu will include many fresh cocktails with a strong and spicy taste, accompanied by snacks and a real American BBQ.

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