SACE RE-action

the (aesthetic) sense of data

One hundred pages of economic data to be made accessible to Italian companies. A graphic design project to be created with innovation and accuracy.

Watch the video-interview (in Italian) dedicated to our collaborations with SACE.

For the second year in a row Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini designed the layout of the SACE Export Report, the reference framework for export businesses edited by the large insurance and financial services company of the CDP group.

RE-action is the watchword that SACE, the Italian Export Credit Agency, reserves for those companies that are willing to expand their business abroad in 2016. The other motto is RE-start, which also named the document that marked the beginning of the intense collaboration between Bellissimo and the company.

The report is addressed to managers and entrepreneurs, and presents in a clear and effective manner the various opportunities for Made in Italy abroad, always with the contemporary visual style that Bellissimo offers to SACE.

A rather challenging task, when the main theme of a report is mechanical engineering.

Market figures, placements and distributions are transposed into a surprising variety of charts and histograms.

Each of which is consistent with the overall picture of the publication and is shaped by the concepts of growth and dynamism — a "reaction" to current market trends.

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