Sace Export Report 2018

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For the fourth consecutive year, the firm signs the art direction of the SACE and SIMEST report dedicated to scenarios for Italian exports.

Entitled "Keep calm & Made in Italy", an invitation to optimism in an uncertain framework, the 2018 Report follows Export Unchained, RE-Start and RE-action.

The Export Report is the annual publication by SACE and SIMEST, an insurance-financial company with services for the internationalisation of companies, written for information purposes together with Oxford Economics.

It is a useful tool to guide Italian companies, showing the opportunities of international markets. The specific objective of 2018 is to indicate the destinations of greatest interest for Made in Italy.

Bellissimo’s work focused on promoting readability and immediacy of a rich document with a high technical complexity, in compliance with the corporate identity guidelines introduced last year.

It was a huge and meticulous work of art direction and graphic design.

The style of layout  —quite "pop"— is characterised by great impact titles, as well as a generous use of intuitive infographics to highlight the main data.

The 2018 edition is the most substantial of the period: 134 pages on 4 chapters, distinguished by color choices and introduced each by "graphic permutations", red circle evolutions symbol of the SACE logo.

Great attention was also given to the choice of printing materials.

The final product comes with an overcoat with "thick" paint and a cover on soft touch paper. The interiors are printed on sturdy moldmade paper.

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