Sace Bilancio a 4Ruote

guiding growth

CDP SACE and SIMEST presented a new report dedicated to the car industry. The creative direction and graphic design work was by Bellissimo.

The collaboration between our firm and SACE-SIMEST has reached its fifth successful year. “Changing gear – The Italian automotive supply chain facing the challenges of the global market” was the full title, it continues the trend of the previous projects: Export UnchainedRE-action and Export 2018.

The Bilancio a 4Ruote (4-Wheeled Balance Sheet) is the result of a concerted team effort involving several teams from SACE-SIMEST, an insurance and finance company in the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group, in collaboration with ANFIA and AlixPartners.

The report analyses the position of the car industry that has historically been badgered by rapid changes, and explores the special qualities of the industry and Italian supply chain, also through case studies.

The last chapter of the report is devoted to the finance and insurance solutions that the CDP Group can provide companies with to support their growth and grasp the best opportunities for success.

Bellissimo curated art direction and graphic design of the editorial project.

Facilitating the navigation and improving the overall readability of a 90-page technical document required a careful conceptual rationalization.

The report explores the visual imagery of the automotive field: from the minimal covers of the chapters to the system of icons inspired by warning lights.

An ability already appreciated in previous works for SACE and SIMEST is the great variety of infographics designed to clearly and immediately express the vast amount of data in the report.

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