a clear exportunity

Communicating export and other opportunities for Italian companies, with simplicity and immediacy: Bellissimo’s collaboration with the Italian group that promotes international growth.

Watch the video interview dedicated to our collaboration with SACE.

SACE is an insurance and financial company which provides credit services to businesses that are already active internationally or would like to open themselves to foreign markets.

Day after day, since the beginning of 2015, our studio has been working with the group, creating the material to inform businesses about opportunities abroad and promoting a wide range of available options.

Bellissimo’s first job for SACE was the graphic design and the art-direction of RE-Start, the 2015-2018 Export Report.

Dedicated to the food industry, the Export Report presents market trends and the most promising business sectors in different geographical areas, mainly by means of infographics.

Key data, growing sectors, opportunities: the challenge for our studio — contacted after Expottimisti — was to convey the information in the clearest and most contemporary way.

The goal was to create an engaging guide, like a magazine, able to communicate to managers and entrepreneurs with the immediacy and simplicity that are necessary today.

With 70 billion euros of transactions insured in nearly two hundred countries, SACE has been for the last thirty years among the main supporters of Italian export.

After the publication of RE-Start, Bellissimo worked alongside the company’s heads of communication for a number of advertising campaigns on the national and local press (art-direction and copywriting).

The Report continues in 2016, with a whole lot of new material.

The Country Risk Map, also available at newsstands with the Harvard Business Review, is among the most appreciated by companies.

Designed to offer a first glance on global economy, the map presents the credit risk index for various countries.

The most recent projects include a strategic business tool for SACE’s sales force.

The catalogue of products and services reorganises the group’s overall offer in a simple and carefully crafted guide.

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