Renzo Piano Building Workshop

clear architecture

After working on the magazine Periferie and the Report on the first ten years of activities, the collaboration between Bellissimo and Fondazione Renzo Piano carried on with the exhibition “Water Projects” in Genoa.

“Even though it is not a construction material like concrete or steel, water plays a fundamental role in Renzo Piano’s projects”.

The foundation of the Genoese architect and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop dedicated an exhibition to the relationship between this element and the works of Piano, “Water Projects”, hosted in Pegli Naval Museum from 26th September to 1st November.

Bellissimo signed the image, creating the catalogue and the exhibition material and developing the communication strategy. A linear graphics design to introduce with great clarity and order the vast and varied production of Renzo Piano — card after card, panel after panel. 


Prior to the publication dedicated to the ten years of its foundation, in November 2014, Bellissimo edited the magazine Periferie, dedicated to Piano's work and its G124 in Italian cities.

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