Red Bull Followers

Follow the flow

Three performances, three clubs, three stops following the (digital) tracks of the number one rapper in the rankings.
All was revealed on the same day.

Red Bull chose Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini to produce Red Bull Followers, an innovative format launched for the first time in Turin with a pilot event dedicated to Ensi, Italy’s top selling artist in September 2014.

9th October 2014. After days of teasing on social networks, at 8 o'clock Ensi gathered up his fans for an event at the club Lavanderie Ramone.
The first stop at was followed by two more stages (a live event at 10.30 at the CAP 10100 club and a DJ set after midnight at the Chalet), which were announced on Twitter and Facebook during the evening.


Red Bull Followers is this: a “rapper hunt” between digital communication and physical space.
The over five hundred youngsters who took to the streets to follow Ensi received gadgets and prises, from a poster map showing the city’s street-culture sites to 100 cards with the free-styling session of the first live event — remixed and stored in record time by our production team in the backstage of CAP 10100.

Since the end of August Bellissimo dove in to the hip hop culture in order to support Red Bull and Ensi in the production of an event both original and complex, an evolution of the idea of "secret show".

Red Bull engaged the agency in the definition of the various aspects of the event, from the mechanics (which anticipations to give, the timing for the announcements and the rewards) to the creation of the various communication materials, starting from the artwork that was the image of the whole Red Bull Followers experience.

In the week preceding the night of the event Bellissimo followed Ensi in the teasing activity, realizing photos and videos that later appeared on the social networks to create expectations for the 9 October date.

On the Red Bull Italy website you can take a look at the video of the event.

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