Ramazzotti Limited Edition

historical label

Pernod Ricard Italia commissioned the studio to the limited-edition bottle in occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Esselunga chain.

Milan, 1957. The first supermarket in Italy opens in the city: the name is Supermarket. The elongated S of the sign will give the future name to the company.

In 2017 Ramazzotti takes part in the celebrations for the anniversary of Esselunga with a "special edition" of a bottle, entrusted to Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini.

The city of Milan is the protagonist of the label, a shared mother land between the two brands.

Ramazzotti chose to suggest a view of Piazza del Duomo in 1957, with its symbols and lifestyle, and asked Bellissimo to design an illustration with a retro charm.

The studio chose the style of Paolo Galetto, a contemporary artist among the main illustrators of Vogue — a decision also made to highlight Milan's role as international capital of fashion.

The cathedral at sunset, the statue of Victor Emmanuel II, with a female figure focused on reading as the historic tram passes by.

The elegant watercolor takes up the Ramazzotti palette in the dark sky: perfect time for a Bitter-based aperitif.

On the back of the bottle, we narrated the developing late 1950s city, bustling with stylists and designers, rock and roll, and the construction sites for the first line of the metro — both events dating back to 1957.

Today like yesterday, the first Italian bitter non-alcoholic drink, is a reference point for everyone.

In addition to directing the illustrator, Bellissimo personally followed the composition of the graphic elements typical of the traditional Ramazzotti label, in order to guarantee the brand's recognizability.

The studio also created the special graphics for the exhibitors of the point of sale (the "pallet boxes"), to favour the product’s visibility inside the stores Esselunga supermarkets.

The special bottle is was on sale in the summer period 2017.

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