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Ramazzotti decided to share its new positioning in a newsletter. Bellissimo, thanks to its publishing experience, was chosen for managing the design, graphics and content of the project.

Milan and the Expo effect. An interview with Italy’s best bartender of 2015. The cuisine of chef David Scabin tested in New York. All accompanied by cocktail recipes and the brand’s most recent achievements.

The summary of this first issue, backed the fame of the new Aperitivo Rosato, already reveals the themes and values that Ramazzotti decided to embrace in this 2016.

The first Italian bitter — also first in Italy for global sales — opened its range of products to new consumers, and the newsletter edited by Bellissimo reflects the renovated spirit of the brand, with new Italian trends and stories, while reaffirming its strong link with the city of Milan.

The newsletter is one of Ramazzotti’s strategic tools for promoting its change across the various local markets of the Pernod Ricard group.

Bellissimo offered to the brand its custom publishing services, which are a result of its broad publishing experience and expertise in producing informative content and original interviews.

After defining the themes and names of the headings, Bellissimo focused on the design, in order to embrace the elegant and contemporary style of the brand and give texture to a digital format, with a background inspired by cotton.

Bellissimo will manage the photo editing of the next issues and will draft the articles in English.

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