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Bellissimo designs the logo of the Italian startup that wants to innovate the file sharing market.

ProxToMe is a proximity file-sharing app that enables smartphone to detect nearby devices and share documents, images or audio files.

Just a few days after the official launch in 2013, technology enthusiasts around the world, including Mashable readers, showed their appreciation.

Bellissimo realized the logo of this service, established by three Italian startuppers.


“We have tried to design a simple app” explained the co-founder Adriano Marconetto, “with a no-frills interface and a clear user experience. The same goes for the logo: we wanted it to be comfortable, conventional and practical”.

“The key idea is to help people interact in an easier and faster way in this increasingly mobile and dynamic scenario, in which each of us works and lives with a growing need for sharing” says Marconetto, who launched ProxToMe together with Andrea Motto and Carlo Capello.

“Our goal from the beginning was to streamline a task that up to now seemed complex or even impossible, such as, for example, sharing a file of any dimension with anyone around you in one second”.


The collaboration with ProxToMe, a company established in 2012, confirms our studio’s commitment to support Italian enterprise and innovation. For this company, Bellissimo developed a Startup Branding Kit.

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