those of potatoes

Bellissimo has enriched the brand identity of the business that first reinterpreted the "jacket potatoes" with an all-Italian taste.

Poormanger's story stared in Turin in 2011 from the idea of three fellas, lifelong friends: turning stuffed potatoes into a new classic of popular cuisine.

It is an example of successful of Piedmontese entrepreneurship based on the strength of a good idea: the encounter between simple food and the heritage of the Italian gastronomic tradition.

Poormanger asked Bellissimo to develop an original positioning capable of affirming Poormanger's identity and making it distinctive in the face of many recent attempts at imitation.

The study of the brand identity has allowed us to elaborate the tone of voice with which we carried out a review of the main textual contents and laid out a real "Poormanger manifesto", which appeared on one of the windows of the new hub in via Palazzo di Città, in Turin.

Our studio has also developed visual identity guidelines to make the graphic content production consistent.

We have created the new look of the materials used inside the premises, by adopting a more friendly, modern and incisive style: menus, glass bottles for micro-filtered water, customizable place holders, sugar sachets and business cards.

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