Polo del ’900

time for reports

Presenting the activities of the first three years with modernity and immediacy: Bellissimo takes care of the first Polo del ’900’s social report .

The Polo is a cultural center open to citizenship, born in 2016, thanks to a collective urban redevelopment and integration project.

Housed in the Juvarra’s complex of the Military Quarters in Turin, it collaborates every day with the 22 participating institutions to offer services and projects to its visitors.

The social report is one of the review and communication tools of the activities carried out in the three-year period 2017-2019, to describe the main interventions and results, with reference to the strategic objectives.

Bellissimo took care of the editorial project, creative and art direction, graphic design, editing.

“At the center of cultural innovation”. The title of the social report immediately communicates the positioning of the Polo and its social vocation.

The main objective was to bring out the plurality of people who are part of it: the structure by chapters expresses the different dimensions of a hybrid and multipurpose space such as the Polo.

The real challenge, however, was to give order and visual clarity to a large amount of information.

The editorial treatment of the contents meant a meticulous care of the texts and made the numerous data comprehensible through easy-to-read infographics and strong visual impact.

The cover of the publication conveys the double essence of the Polo del ’900. The vibrant combination of green —the official colour of the center— with blue enhances the highlights of the report and expresses its institutional, but at the same time contemporary, character.

In line with this positioning, the opening of the various chapters shows a bi-chromatic reworking of images from the historical archive.

The dualism between ancient and modern emerges through the pages. It is also found in small details such as the choice of the font, that features old school characters designed to work in the present.

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