Piemonte Fabbriche Aperte 2019

at the heart of companies

Bellissimo collaborates with ComunicArch for the 3rd edition of the Region’s initiative that opens Piedmontese companies to the public.

On November 8 and 9, Piemonte Fabbriche Aperte allowed more than 8,000 visitors to explore local factories.

120+ companies, from small artisan businesses to multinationals, took part in the initiative that aims at promoting the technological innovation and intelligent production in Piedmont.

For the participants it was possible to learn the stories of brands and discover the different stages of production in the various sectors: from automotive to design, from agri-food to textiles, from aerospace to advanced services, from mechanics to chemistry.

Our studio created an image in line with the visual identity and the tone of the project and declined it on different on- and off-line media: the website, billboards, social networks and radio spots, to name a few.

The concept is based on modern industrial technology. It is characterised by a daring combination of colours (coral red + water green) that conveys the innovative aspect of the productive excellence of the territory.

A choice that demonstrates the will of the Piedmont Region to go beyond the canons of institutional communication.

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