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Big data management and the provision of advisory services to large companies expressed in the language of a startup. This was Kkienn's request for the presentation of their “disruptive” innovation in customer research.

As it is conceived today, big data analysis does not give the desired results. Data Science traditional methods, based on the information gathered by telephone companies, banks and insurance companies, fail to obtain useful and practical data for improving business activities.

The response of the market research and consulting company Kkienn is PicoData —a qualitative research and statistical calculation method.

PicoData reverses Data Science, and guarantees the right interpretation of confused and lacking bulk of data by limiting its research on restricted customer samples.

In other words, PicoData “projects” on large databases the right insight obtained through a restricted research, integrating its results and making them usable. This is the logic represented in the logo.

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini directed the launch on-line of the new proposal, which is both a commercial offer and a theoretical innovation.

The website displays the visual identity created by our team —energetic and recognisable thanks to the bright orange background— and organises the technical content in a promotional and accessible manner, without, nevertheless, lacking in accuracy.

Our tools: short texts, infographics and pictures conveying the disorientation resulting from serial information —the same disorientation of those who are now dealing with corporate customer intelligence.

The website is reachable here.

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