the importance of the label

A new name, a great package, a catalogue for the launch on the market: Bellissimo gave a complete makeover to the line of risottos of another excellence of Piedmontese food.

Our work, involving the design of products for supermarket shelves, impacts the sales and the customer perception of companies in a way that few other projects would.

Our mission with the Pan risottos—the artisan brand known for its packaged dried mushrooms— was to be “revealing”.

Our aim was not to enrich, but rather to enhance the value and the natural beauty of a simple packaging, prepared by hand, without powders nor freeze-dried products.

The V-shaped label embraces the product and frames the upper part, where its main ingredients are.

An original and clever solution: simple, as required for a traditional dish, but above all functional in showing the abundance and the colours of the recipes.

Aesthetics and substance. This concept also gave rise to the tag-line “La bontà si vede” —you can see the quality— with which the new range of risottos, polenta recipes and other preparations adopting the same packaging are now presented to customers.

This Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini project has a wider role, similar the one played with another Piedmontese manufacturer, Tartuflanghe.

The new image, by enhancing the product, slightly reshapes the personality of Pan and helps the brand —the only one offering risottos with such ingredients— to stand out among competitors for its contemporary elegance.

The work on brand communication also included a naming step, which gave rise to “Risottincasa” —“Home risotto”: easy and effective, this name brings the product back to the consumer's environment, the home, with the right commercial approach.

The makeover achieved its goal with the promotion of the redesigned products in the stores, thanks to the well-finished catalogue, also designed by Bellissimo (art direction and copywriting).

Page after page, the brochure alternates various shades of available specialties, with each label matching the ingredients, and statements on the values underlying Pan's work: selectivity, genuineness, ease and taste.

The catalogue follows our usual branding strategy, which involves bringing out the many qualities hidden behind companies in the most transparent manner.

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