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An open, stronger, clearer personality.
Bellissimo guides Turin’s architecture institutions to a bold (and heart-felt) change in their communication — shown in our video here

The “Ordine degli Architetti PPC” of the province of Turin, also known as OAT, and its Foundation are the major reference points for all local architects.

Their need to communicate in a sharper way —also in the wake of the current crisis of the architectural practice— has brought them to rethink their image for members and the public.

The rebranding process brought awareness and explained the different purposes of the Order, a professional association, and the Foundation, a cultural hub.

The new brand strategy and double restyling was developed by applying Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini's bespoke method. We were deeply involved in this project, given our common passion for architecture and the relevance of the Order and the Foundation in our city.

After the input from a series of interviews, Bellissimo presented both boards with accurate insights on their new communication strategies' objectives, styles and key contents.  

The heart of our plan is a system of complementary values and messages, through which the Order and the Foundation can clarify the distinctive aspects of their roles, while strongly pushing a shared goal: fostering new growth for architecture.

The board also approved our proposal to change the very name of the Foundation —misleadingly mentioned in too many ways: Fondazione Ordine Architetti Torino, Fondazione OAT, FOAT— into the stronger, clearer “Fondazione per l’architettura / Torino”.

The visual identities designed by Bellissimo have the same function: to separate and strengthen the different personalities of these two institutions — also thanks to the striking, unconventional strokes of the line art.  

The new logo for the Ordine Architetti Torino combines the word Ordine (“order”) in marked lettering to the unexpected irregularity and tension of a linear symbol. All the professions gathered by the association are thus conveyed: the lines of architecture, of landscape and urbanism, of cities and open spaces.

Our visual strategy fully discloses its potential in all graphic applications on publications and other communication instruments, as detailed by an extensive Brand Book.

The new logo for the “Fondazione per l’Architettura / Torino” proposes an unconventional partition of the word Architettura: the word itself becomes an architectural construction, where letters can be considered as single elements — free from the binding of traditional hyphenation.

The results are surprising. The logo reflects the Foundation's ambitions, and the open and innovative attitude of those who act without constrictions to prove that harmony can also be generated from an apparently disharmonic idea.

Ordine and Foundation presented their new visual identities at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo museum (here is the project for its first logo) in December 2015, alongside a six panel exhibition displaying the path Bellissimo followed.

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