between urban and rural worlds

Bellissimo created the visual identity and organised the logistics for Promised Land: two days offering a glimpse into the future of agricultural and food sector systems in the cities.

On June 20-21, 2019, the 16th-century Giureconsulti Palace in Milan hosted talks, round tables and interactive workshops with some of the most innovative companies in the agricultural and food sector.

Promised Land. The future of urban consumption was presented as part of OpenAgri, the project with which the Milan Municipal Authority and 15 partners are participating in Urban Innovative Actions (UIA): a European Union initiative that tests innovative solutions for sustainable urban development.

Bellissimo’s consultancy work started when the company proposed a specific logo for the event, something to make it stand out amongst the other OpenAgri initiatives.

The graphics team freely interpreted the theme of inversion (#milanosottosopra), that characterises the visual identity of the project. The result is an image consisting of two half spheres which, by touching, represent a meeting point between urban and rural worlds.

The new visual identity has been used to add a distinctive touch to a number of promotional materials: digital and printed programmes, leaflets, video intros, posts on social media, badges for staff and speakers, notebooks and pens for the public, as well as backdrops and totems in a variety of shapes and sizes used to characterise the event.

Our studio’s responsibilities included also event management, another sector in which the team has consolidated experience.

From organising online registrations to the welcoming service on location, from booking flights to choosing the hotel for speakers and guests, from managing the public to assisting the director (and more): Bellissimo organised the logistics of the event with meticulous attention to detail.

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