Open House Italia

the network grows stronger

Bellissimo designs the logo for a network that brings together Open House organised in other Italian cities, Milan, Naples, Rome and Turin.

Open House is an international format born in London and replicated
by dozens of cities in Europe and around the world. The event consists of just one weekend a year when the public can visit free of charge lots of usually inaccessible places of architectural or urban interest: homes, workplaces, historic buildings, but also places of culture.

The associations that organise Open House in their cities are affiliated to a global network, but are completely independent of each other.
As of 2021, the organisations in charge of the different Open House in Milan, Naples, Rome and Turin have chosen to become more networked.

This is how Open House Italia was born. The logo is by Bellissimo, which is already among Open House Torino creative partners.

The logo is in the form of a capital A, the icon for an ideal common home for the public interested in the themes of Architecture and Living, as well as those who believe in the value of Openness.

The form is simple, almost childlike, and in this it is highly original. It refers to the minimalism of contemporary architecture. It distils the very essence of the idea of living.

The design deliberately chooses a formal language that is different from the logos of the various city associations.

Black ensures compatibility with the other four symbols. Photographs fill the logo with colour and give it a context.

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