Open Arch Torino

changing association

The list Open Arch Torino won the provincial architect association elections in 2013, taking its 15 candidates to the OAT Council.

Bellissimo followed the election as a communication strategy consultant, creating the name of the list, realizing the promotional flyers and helping the candidates present the program of the list.

The group of architects, resolved to new ideas and people to the Association, turned to our studio in search of a partner for the campaign, also in light of our shared background and of Luca Ballarini’s recent commitment to the 2013 political elections.

Bellissimo started its backing activities in May 2013. The first step was a consultation on the goals and tools of the communication strategy, followed by the naming of the list, “Open Arch Torino”, and the payoff “Le in Ordine” (“Ideas in order” but also “Ideas of the Association”), in line with the open-mindedness, clarity and dynamism of the group.

For the logo, Bellissimo chose the most straightforward visual solution, with lettering used as the distinctive element of the list.


Open Arch Torino also asked Bellissimo to work on the copywriting and editing of the key points of the electoral .

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