computer memories

In may 2014 the old Olivetti factory in Ivrea is the setting for an event of FAI, the Italian fund for cultural heritage.
Bellissimo creates the #saveasolivetti campaign to promote the debate on how to preserve and reuse this amazing industrial structure.

After years of inactivity, the first Olivetti plants are awaiting their rebirth. The Mattoni Rossi factory and the ICOs – as the plants are called in town – are architectural and human assets, listed as UNESCO world heritage sites.

The architects involved in the project and the Atlantic2-Berenice Building Fund, which owns the premises, asked Bellissimo to design the campaign's graphics and develop the communication strategy to relaunch the site, in view of its future renovation. The first step was the event organised by the Italian fund for cultural heritage (FAI).

Bellissimo’s work invites reflection, with three keywords and the hashtag #saveasOlivetti bringing attention to the past of the company, a pioneer in electronic computation, and to the preservation of the historical memory.


The graphics are rigid and essential. The full colours of the lower half of the postcard interact with Paolo Mazzo's photograph – F38F, directly recalling the metal cases of the various Lettera 32 and Lettera 52 models produced by the company.

It is no coincidence that the font used is Delika, exclusively designed by Bellissimo in 2002 for the style magazine Label and inspired by one of the characters used in the Olivetti typewriters.

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