Officina Nobili Bontà

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A brand of organic cookies launched on the market with an original vision on the industry. Bellissimo realizes its most complete project in the food field, from name to packaging.

Officina Nobili Bontà was born from the experience of Biscottificio del Roero with the idea of offering what they claim is still missing from the shelves: a really delicious organic cookie - a "beautiful, good and organic" cookie, which aims at the highest quality of ingredients without giving up on taste.

The answer comes with a line of traditional recipes from Piedmont, of craftmanship, reinterpreted with only organic raw materials and (chocolate and vanilla aside) all produced in Italy. The topics to be covered are beginning to become very many.

The studio participates in the creation of the brand from the early stages of the company in autumn 2019.

The branding path has the merit of laying the foundations for communication and highlighting the values to be transmitted. The passion in the search for supply chains, the value of the rhythms of pastry art, but also the creativity of this new project and the charm of the Roero region all emerge in the interviews.

The name Officina Nobili Bontà, defined after an in-depth research, links the promise of pleasure to the idea of the dynamism of an Italian confectionery laboratory. Bio is a "tool",
not a "goal" for superior recipes.

The noble inspirations also involve the logo. The three-wheeler emblem of the Roero family, from which the territory north of Alba where the biscuit factory is based, come together in a new symbol.

The sign, a sort of 3-circle infinity, evokes the cyclicality of nature and the virtuous model of a short supply chain. Immediately it turns into the ideal element to depict the combination behind the brand's philosophy: excellent raw materials, traditional recipes, craftsmanship.

Brand communication finds the greatest expression in packaging, its main expression tool. Here, Officina Nobili Bontà's choice to find a "new way to bio" is evident.

The usual elements of the industry (colours, icons, words) leave room for a few elegant elements: the logo used as a seal, a simple photograph that enhances the gluttony of the cookie — as few as the essential ingredients to the genuine recipes of the biscuit line.

A geometric pattern, like an embroidery designed from the logo, is the theme of the conductor and conveys the local and artisanal character of the products. Opening the package uncovers small, curated details and completes the story about the origins of the
ingredients and the history of the recipes.

A friendly narration accompanies the different moments of use of the packaging: the voice of the biscuit factory transmits the human mold of the work and reveals the many qualities of these "born and baked in Piedmont" biscuits, which show that "organic and Italian is possible".

It is a profound revision of the style on the market, from the colours to the visibility of certifications, in search of a mature and refined interpretation of the values of organic nutrition.

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